Hasidic Jewish Fur Hat Shtreimel for Sale
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    Every Fur Hats manufactured at Queen hats International is fabricated by experienced artisans using Queen hats exclusive methods to create fur hats and turn it into designs of the highest quality. Our collection includes russian fur hat, fur bucket hat, bomber hat, fur trapper hat, cossack hat, davy crockett hat, Main Fur type includes mink hat,fox fur hat,racoon hat, rex rabbit fur hat,beaver hat,sable hat,chinchilla hats and lynx hat etc, the fur of choice for most of Paula’s knits due to its silky softness. Furs such as mink, ranched fox, red fox, muskrat, and raccoon supplement as trims. Each piece has luxurious fur inside and out. The Queen hats look combines elegance and flair with functionality.